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Revenue Calculator

The form below provides a calculator that will tell you how much money you will receive from Amazon for a given sale of a given book of arbitrary size and sale-price. This facility assumes that you have read Chapter One, Strategy first, or that you are completely au fait with Amazon's commission model.

To use it in the simplest manner, enter values in the Sale Price and VAT fields to see how much you will receive under Amazon's 35% revenue model, and enter further values for Delivery Fee and File Size to see how much you will receive under the 70% model. You can also use it in the ‘reverse’ direction, which means that entering a value into either of the fields labelled Net to Publisher will yield a value in the Sale Price field, indicating the price for which the book should sell in order to generate the net value you entered (where you should provide a value for VAT, and, if appropriate, a value for File Size and Delivery Fee).

Note that, if selling to a customer in an EU member state, the value for VAT should be the VAT rate in that country (see the chapter on Infrastructure for an explanation of this), which is unlikely to be the same as the VAT rate in any EU country from which you may be selling.

Note also that the calculator is implemented in JavaScript, which means that JavaScript must be enabled on your browser for it to work (which is the default setting on the major browsers). It also means that the mathematics are subject to a degree of rounding errors. However, the figures given in the relevant tables in chapter One, Strategy, were generated using a spreadsheet and so are accurate.

Net to Amazon (Sale Price - VAT)

Total Delivery Cost (Delivery Fee * File Size)

70% Advantage over 35%