Richard Vaughan's Publish! forms a singular and comprehensive resource for independent e-book authors and producers wishing to bridge inexpensively between the creation of content and the point of upload. Comprising 90,000 words, and over 270 images, diagrams, tables and in situ demonstrations, it connects easily with the reader, presenting the facts clearly and completely, as you would expect of an author with decades of experience in practising and teaching software development.

Initial chapters discuss the requisites and optima of producing, pricing and publicising an e-book, and are followed by concise tutorials in HTML and CSS. The sixth chapter explores the principles that apply when choosing how to format an e-book and develop its cover artwork, while the seventh chapter, Production, draws prior threads together, using simple flow charts to explain the steps you must take – a unique approach among the competition. A chapter on business and logistics, and a rich set of appendices complement the prior material, making this book a thorough, dependable and inexpensive asset for independent authors, formatters and publishers.

Rather than presenting ways to resolve an unnecessary mess, Publish! shows how to avoid trouble, its orderly and logical structure allowing ready access to the information you need, whether your requirements are basic or advanced. Answering questions that equivalents do not even ask, and providing information that is unavailable on the Internet, Publish! is an expert but inexpensive resource for those wishing to enter the exciting world of e-book production and publishing.

This web site complements the book by providing, principally, a sample of its contents and a revenue calculator, and you can view the book's product page on the version of Amazon that is appropriate to you by clicking/touching on one of the following links:

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